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BeeCoin (VBC) project altcoin
BeeCoin (VBC) contract Address: 0x194c66e37b520802f1a26f4b65d0ea0ed43bf4b5
BeeCoin mint
            1 Etherium (ETH) = 1000 BeeCoin (VBC)

01. Name coin : Beecoin (VBC)
02. Max Coin Supply : 1.000.000 VBC
03. Token standard: ERC20
04.15% of VBC will be given away for free.
05.75% of VBC already available to purchase. 1000 VBC = 1 Ethereum (ETH).
Send us your MetaMask wallet address and we will transfer some amount of BeeCoin.

The Purpose of BeeCoin release:
Development of project which are focused on honeybees population in the urban environment.

We need to have funds for planting more honeybee friendly plants, trees every year. Built beehives and insect hotels in the urban environment.

Educate people that honeybees are not these insects which we need to afraid of if we see them in our balcony, garden and etc. Usually people afraid of what they do not understand.

We want to inform people via social networks and other mass media about dramatic situation regarding honeybees population. We all need to know and understand that honeybees population in the world reducing dramatically every year.

We all need to react and start make changes right now to help our little friends. Other way this what is happening now will affect our lifestyle very quick.
More then half food products which we have on the dinner table we need to be thankful for our little friends. Most of us don't know or do not realize how important honeybees are for our Eco-system.

Need to spread information about Apitherapy.
Apitherapy is a branch of alternative medicine that uses honey bee products, including honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom. Proponents of apitherapy make claims for its health benefits which remain unsupported by evidence-based medicine. project started in September 2017.
We're making our first steps right now and of course dreaming that someone of you are as well interested in this idea and project. If you have any suggestions or want to join our team please do not hestisticate and contact us


Short term plans and some long term plans

Our short term plans are:

February, March, April & May 2018

  1. Create Website:
  2. Create communication channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram
  3. Create Whitepaper
  4. List coin on EtheriumDelta
  5. Give 15% of Beecoin to community
  6. Develop website.

June, July & August 2018

  1. Develop communication channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram
  2. Contact and list BeeCoin on other exchanges
  3. Develop website.

September to December  2018

  1. Create campaigns on Steemit and Facebook.
  2. Develop website.
  3. Search for investors.

Long term plans:

We look forward to fundraise of $ 1 million for this project and keep funding project idea via Beecoin.

We have a lot to do not only in digital space.  BeeCoin  is the way how we can generate funds for all physical and digital tools which  we need to secede and maintain project.






Coin website:

Project website:



If you are interested in this project idea and want to donate small amount you can send your donation to contract address: 0x194c66e37b520802f1a26f4b65d0ea0ed43bf4b5

For each ETH or some part of ETH you will receive BeecCoin (VBC) to your MetaMask or Mist wallet. 1ETH=1000VBC (BeeCoins).

At the moment we're trying to list  BeeCoin (VBC) on EtherDelta and exchanges.

We decided to give away 150.000 VBC (BeeCoin) for you who believe in this project and want to have our coin. To receive some giveaway  tokens you just need to write your address and we will send coins to your Metamask wallet.

Send email to or leave comment below this post.

If you can't or don't want to donate any amount, but still want help us with this project we are waiting for you. We need all kind of help ( social networks, media, coding and etc.).

Thank you,
CityBees project